As always, I enjoyed visiting so many of you and sharing in what inspires you the most, along with seeing so creativity and originality. Ya’ll are awesome. You can expect to see my brand new site design next week at the latest. I’m excited to be wrapping up this project, who knew a web design would be so much more involved than hiring a designer. This process has been full of twists and turns, learning curves on my end, and a journey of self-discovery. Okay… let’s get to showing off… View Post

There were so many wonderful bloggers joining us last week bringing so many interesting and unique posts to our fun link party. If you didn’t have a chance to look through some of the blogs you can head over to Thursday Favorites #230 now. I’ve been doing a little spring sprucing up around my house. Yesterday I brought home a few bunches of flowers and shuffled a few things around.  Here is a little peek at a small corner of my home. I will be sharing more about my spring sprucing… View Post

The thing that makes our blog hop fun and exciting is the variety of content that is shared each week by so many uniquely gifted bloggers. Whether you’re looking for home decor, DIY, mommy posts, crafts, spiritual posts, teaching posts, blogging guides, recipes, and more, I guarantee you will find something to suit your fancy. Since we are just a few days away from the first day of Spring, I’m going to continue highlighting posts with a spring theme, but I’m doing something a little different. I’m adding a Wild… View Post

Spring is in the air. It was fun to see so many posts from last weeks blog link up sharing their spring inspiration.  I do enjoy the variety of posts that are shared each week. Some of them I send directly to people that I know. For instance, Mom tips get sent to my personal friends that are experiencing first-time motherhood. Most of them are busy so they probably won’t leave a comment, but they do thank me for sharing and tell me how much they enjoyed your post. I… View Post

Wednesday link parties are awesome! Technically our hops name is Thursday Favs, but I get this question on Twitter quite a bit- “Why are sharing that it’s going live on Wednesday?” Well, that is because we have folks in Europe who link up with us each week and it is Thursday across the pond. Just keeping everyone on their toes. But as I was saying, Wednesday link parties are a great way to enjoy Hump Day and plan exciting new projects to tackle over the weekend. I am sorry for… View Post