Hello again and welcome to this weeks fabulous blog hop link party. As I’m sitting here thinking of what the theme is, Favorite Things, I’m dealing with a server that is down and tech stuff that is never fun. In the midst of all of that I’m thinking about what my Favorite Thing is this week. Well, for starters, we are finally getting some sunshine back in Narnia- Alaska.  The days are slowly growing longer and this means I will be able to finally produce some new blogging content. This… View Post

Thank you to everyone who shared with Thursday Favorite Things blog hop link party this past week. I had so much fun reading so many of your blog posts. Stepping outside of my niche, being invited into ya’lls world, seeing the projects, recipes, your families, and learning where your hearts are at in the various stages of life was quite the adventure. I found myself excited to see the next blog, and then the next, and the next. I wish I had been able to visit every single one of… View Post

Hello, everyone. My name is Olivia, your new co-host. I feel incredibly honored and blessed to be co-hosting Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop with Katherine, Nina, Debi, Erica, Betty, Rina, Rosemary, and Pam. I first met Katherine when she commented on one of my very first blog posts inviting me to link with Thursday Favorites. Katherine has always been one of my favorite people. She has a sweet spirit and is gifted at sharing kindness everywhere she goes. If you are interested in co-hosting, there is still room for one… View Post

Am I late to the game? Maybe? Maybe not. Today I want to share more about me, the triumphs, and my journey over the past year. I want to delve into the things that plague my mind, the blessings, along with some of what really happened behind the scenes in a blog post and life.  However, I am a bit late with this post, but that’s because I was busy making an iMovie, my first video, and the first real one on my Youtube channel!  It took about 70 hours… View Post