What is your Halloween style? Is it fun and cute? Spooky? Mysterious? Sinister and gory? Eerie and creepy? Maybe your style is all about the freakish and bizarre? Do you lean toward decorating with supernatural beings and mystical elements? Do tell me what your Halloween decor and ideas are that inspire your decorating style? Okay! Enough with all the questions! This witch hat pictured below was designed by me. I just love it!  My style of decorating borders on mysterious, slightly eerie with a dash of mysticism, and just the… View Post

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. That means the time to start thinking about the dining table is here. After all, this area is the main hub where our friends and family spend the most amount of time gathered together. I have put together 10 of my best tips for styling and decorating your Thanksgiving table and included a few ideas and suggestions. In my opinion, the Thanksgiving dining table is equally as important as the meal itself is. Enjoying the company of our loved ones, friends, and family is important… View Post

Hello. 1988 called.  It wants its decor back. You know the style I’m talking about, right? It’s the one that used an abundance of country blue accented with the color mauve and had swans on every home accessory imaginable.  That reminds me of this story from my bratty tween years- I distinctly remember someone who had a giant mauve Christmas tree. I do mean GIANT!  It was probably 18 feet tall at least. All I know is that it stood next to a staircase, and the very top of it… View Post