Seasonal French mantle Today begins the daunting task of taking down and storing anything that is overtly Christmas related.  I do keep up a few wreaths and small trees decorated with warm, golden twinkle lights.  Some of the evergreens will stay in place as well. During our long, gray winters, with little sunshine peeking through the clouds, it is nice to have some greenery and lights to spruce things up a bit. …….It’s my way of beating the post-holiday blues. One area that I’m keeping almost as is will be the… View Post

Real tree or fake tree?  There are  a few valid opinions on each side of the debate; scent, look, vs. allergies, pine needles and daily watering maintenance.  Though I dare say,  Balsam Hill, excelled in developing faux Christmas  trees  that truly looks real. Everyone who saw it thought I had bought a real tree. I am so happy that the days of sorting through color-coded branches, fluffing them and then inserting them one by one into a pole are long gone!  The days of winding and twisting 800 lights in and out of branches are over… View Post

Creating a romantic rustic French country Christmas style is simple… It’s just a matter of gathering items that you find outside then bringing them indoors. If you live in a climate similar to mine here in Alaska, you might want to get started gathering things like pinecones pretty early on before the snow sticks. Experiencing both mild and severe winters, it’s the severe winters that increase my desire to create a warm, cozy home. Winter does come early in Alaska. The first snowfall usually happens in October and by November… View Post