What’s Headed Your Way……. Sharing sneak peeks of at least four upcoming posts that will include faux projects, DIY tutorials, recipes, and a sweet baby. Today I wanted to share a few of things that I’m working on and give you a glimpse of the posts that you can expect to see headed your way over the next couple of weeks. The blogging agenda looks like this:  -sharing a recipe or two, complete with styled photos – new furniture faux finish – DIY tutorial involving papering a wall -peeks at autumn decorating and -styling an event for my sister-in-law Today… View Post

First off, this post is for Bloggers, specifically WordPress bloggers. Those of you who receive emails from me, I do apologize. Because I genuinely like to help people I had to write this post, How to Verify Pinterest Using a Plugin.  I promise, pinky swear promise, these types of posts are not going to be a regular occurrence. Please do not put me in SPAM. I’m only trying to help other bloggers with something that downright infuriated me for an entire year! I hope you will understand why I wrote and posted such a random, off subject, non-decorating, non-faux finishing post.… View Post