This classic black farmhouse dining table, with its mismatched set of dining chairs, truly embodies the essence of French country style. Although I had a full set of identical chairs, two of them were non-functional and unrepairable.  I did happen to have two excellent classic oak farmhouse style chairs that worked well for creating the collected over time look I wanted to achieve. One of the aspects that I adore about French country is that it’s style is not matchy-matchy. It’s a blend of country rustic with formal elegance. It’s so down to earth and comfortable, yet remains elegant. I’m going… View Post

  Throwback Thursday Thursday has become the unofficial day of sharing anything and everything that relates to the past. So I’m doing a TBT. For those of you that don’t know what TBT means, it’s the abbreviation for Throw Back Thursday. Last week, I mentioned in a blog post that I had organized photos. Remember that post? Check it out here. Along the way, I rediscovered some older pictures. Each of these images reflects my days of not knowing diddly squat about photography and manual settings. I even lacked the ability to line up the camera to the subject and shoot… View Post

Telling a tale of a sweet little romantic cottage bookshelf.   Who  loves a happy story?  You know… one of those sappy stories that begin with a rough patch that later evolves into a sweet tale, and instead of concluding with a tear-tear jerker actually ends with a happy ending? That’s the kind of happy story I’m talking about. I especially love the types of stories that for a moment, make me feel as if all is right with the world. In general, I love stories of all kinds. Between personal memoirs, legends of heroism and valor, triumph after struggle and folktales about… View Post