How many names are there for a Low Country Boil? Quite a few. Frogmore Stew, (no frogs involved in the actual recipe) Beaufort Stew, Shrimp Boil, and Seafood Boil is just a few names.  Depending on which region is serving this dish, there also are quite a few variations in recipes. Crawfish and shrimp are the main seafood choice when in the deep south.  In the northeastern states, you might find clams and crab used along with shrimp.   My recipe has been adapted and modified to be 100% gluten and dairy free. There isn’t any beer in it. Apple Cider… View Post

  I’m curious, are you the type of person who forgets to eat too? I have a terrible habit of doing that. Eating isn’t something I think about until I feel hungry pains or am shaking like a leaf. Surely, I’m not the only person with this dreadful habit? If I am intently working on something I’m completely oblivious to time.  Minutes and hours keep ticking by until early evening comes. Before I know it, an entire day passed and the only thing I have consumed is water and coffee. Isn’t coffee the breakfast of champions? At least the water… View Post