When it comes to home decor, the most exciting and fun part is styling and decorating. More times than I can count, I’ve been asked how to dress a coffee table that will be both beautiful, and functional. Unlike a formal living room, a coffee table in a family room is the main hub of family gatherings. Friends and family alike typically kick off their shoes, prop their feet up on a coffee table, uncork a bottle of wine, and settle in for some TV time, movie nights with popcorn, play board games, maybe even catch up on some paperwork.… View Post

Is it spring yet? I know the calendar says it’s spring, but it’s barely recognizable from my neck of the woods. Most states are well into spring while here in Alaska spring doesn’t go full swing until May. Waiting until then to share a mini home tour with a few spring decor inspirations would be weird, even confusing. All photos are pinnable, but the main Pinterest image is at the bottom of this post. This rocker is one that I gave a paint finish nearly ten years ago. The real test of quality with a paint finish is when it can withstand… View Post

How would you feel about having your kitchen designed with brand new, classic, vintage style, frost free, Energy Star-rated kitchen appliances that are made and assembled right here in the U.S.A? Let me repeat that again- Made in the U.S.A kitchen appliances! Okay. Good. Now that I have your attention…. How fantastic is that?  Take a quick peek at what we are about to explore…  Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2001, I now introduce to you, Big Chill.  Doesn’t this lovely shade of blue contrast nicely against the traditional style white cabinetry and the gorgeous gray/ blue veining in the countertop selection?… View Post