Gustavian Style and French Country Style are two of my  f a v o r i t e  design styles. I would like to shed some light on what my personal interior styling preferences are, as well as take an opportunity to share a little about who I am. Yes, I know.. I should get working on filling in that  ‘About Me’ section too. I will. Most everything I do centers around both styles, whether that is color, pattern, texture, furniture styles, textiles or fabric selection. Before I delve into this fabulous faux finish that was inspired by Gustavian and… View Post

French Olive End Tables Lets begin with the olive color. First- I loathe green olives! When I delivered this set of end tables to a local business, one of the owners exclaimed that she loved the olive color. Nice observation. I ran with it. French Olives will be the name. Just so you know, naming finishes isn’t done to be cute and kitschy. Cute and kitschy is not a usual part of my repertoire.  I name painted furniture and faux finishes as a method of organization in filing recipes. Second- I intentionally went out of my comfort zone using this green color.  Each… View Post